Walsh County, North Dakota

Walsh Heritage Vol 1-4


A Story of Walsh County and its Pioneers



“Walsh Heritage” is dedicated to…

…the pioneer men and women of Walsh County, North Dakota, whose courage and determination brought civilization to the virgin prairies. They braved the demands and privations of pioneer life. They changed a wilderness into a land of fertile farms, industry, and thriving communities, while providing for the spiritual, physical, educational and social needs of their families. From them comes the heritage we enjoy today.

“Walsh Heritage” is compiled from recollections of stories told, family biographies, official records, and preserved copies of newspapers. Biographies of pioneers were collected over a period of eight years by the Walsh County Historical Society. However, it was not until January of 1975 that concrete plans were made for this Bicentennial project. At that time the Walsh County Historical Society officers named a committee of nine to serve as chairmen for each area (see below).”


You can still add your pioneer ancestor to “Walsh Heritage”

Although the Walsh County Historical Society has insufficient resources at this time to fund the printing of additional volumes of the “Walsh Heritage” collection, we have a great interest in continued preservation of the history of the citizens of Walsh County, North Dakota. To that end, we would like to encourage people to submit their personal and family histories for publication on this web site.  You can call (701)284-6828 or submit your family history, along with scans of your treasured family photographs to:

Walsh County Historical Society
Attn: Mary Kovarik, WCHS Special Projects Coordinator
PO Box 52
Saint Thomas, ND 58276



Walsh County Bicentennial Historic Book Committee (formed 1975)
Miss Nora Gryde (Hoople)
Francis Chromy (Forest River)
John Novak (Lankin)
Ted Gillham (Forest River)
Mrs. James Johnson (Adams)
Mrs. Franklin Goodman (Grafton)
Mrs. Percy Walstad (Park River)
Mrs. M. C. Flaten (Edinburg)
Mrs. Stanley Stanislowski (Minto)

Compilation and Collation Committee
Mrs. M.C. Flaten, Chairman
Lampton, Tiber, Golden and west Dundee Townships

Miss Nora Gryde, Vice-Chairman
East Dundee, Fertile, and Glenwood Townships

Mrs. Franklin Goodman, Secretary
Farmington, Grafton, Acton, St. Andrews, Oakwood, and Martin Townships

Mrs. James Johnson, Treasurer
Dewey, Adams, Latona, Kinloss, Shepherd, Vesta and Silvesta Townships

Mrs. Perry Walstad
Rushford, Vernon, and Kensington Townships

Mr. John Novak
Sauter, Perth, Norton, and Cleveland Townships

Mrs. Stanley Stanislowski
Harrison, Ardoch, and Pulsaki Townships

Francis Chromy
Medford, Eden, and Prairie Centre Townships

Ted Gillham
Ops, Forest River, and Walsh Centre Townships

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