Walsh County, North Dakota


Kimball (See Ardoch)

Settlement: A Great Northern Railroad Station founded in 1881
Township: Ardoch Township
Location: NW ¼ Sec. 33-155-52, platted as CLARE
Name Changed: Ardoch, February 27, 1882
Alternate Names: Ardoch and Clare

KIMBALL: See Ardoch. This Great Northern Railroad station founded in 1881 in NW ¼ Sec. 33-155-52, Ardoch Twp., was platted as CLARE, but was generally called KIMBALL by the first settlers. The origin of the name is unknown, and when it was found to be duplicated by a town in what is now South Dakota, the name was officially changed to ARDOCH on February 27, 1882. 2 (2,3,75) (pg 103).

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