Walsh County, North Dakota

Welter, Nicholas and Catherine (Stemper) Family

A Research Biography by Mary Kovarik, Walsh County Historical Society

Nicholas Welter was born abt 1836 in Luxembourg, the son of John and Elizabeth Welter2,3,4.  He immigrated to the US and was married prior to 1866, as his first child, John August, was born in Wisconsin in 186621.  Nicholas married Catherina Stemper. She was born abt April 1845, the daughter of Wilhelm and Elisabeth (Hein) Stemper5.  She immigrated to the US from Germany with her parents in abt 1845, the same year she was born5.  Their second son Peter was also born in Wisconsin in 18692,3,4,6,10,21.

Nicholas and Catherine lived in Belgium, Ozaukee, Wisconsin in 1870 with their 2 sons, ages 1 and 4, Nicholas’ 78-year-old infirm father John, and his mother Elizabeth, age 72, both born in Luxembourg2.  In 1880 the family was living in Cass County, Dakota Territory. Parents John and Elizabeth were no longer living with the family, which included John and Peter H, plus Katie and Anna, and Nicholas W all born in Wisconsin3.

Sometime between 1880 and 1885 the family moved to Acton Township, Walsh, Dakota Territory (North Dakota). The last child, Mary (Maria) was born Apr 1882 in North Dakota3.

Nicholas and Catherine Welter had 9 children together.  According to the 1900 US Census, Catherine had 9 children born and all 9 were still living.  We know of seven of the children:

  • John August Welter: Born 28 Mar 1866 in Wisconsin2,3,4,5,15; married Marie Emily Corriveau on 10 Mar 18965; moved to Stockton, California11, and died before 1930 in San Francisco, San Francisco, California21.
  • Peter H. Welter: Born 1 Mar 1869 in Port Washington, Ozaukee, Wisconsin2,3,4,6,10,21; married Theresa (Tracy) Gigler abt 190320. Died 28 Dec 1955 in Grafton, Walsh, North Dakota; buried in Grafton Lutheran Cemetery17,20.
  • Katie Welter: Born abt 1871 in Wisconsin3,4.
  • Anna Welter: Born abt 1873 in Wisconsin3,4.
  • Nicholas W. Welter: Born 8 Jan 1876 in Port Washington, Wisconsin4-10; married Emillie Selina DeSautel about 190416,20; died 24 Apr 1946 at his farm home in Stephen, Marshall,  Minnesota17,20; and was buried 29 Apr 1946 in Sacred Heart Cemetery, Oakwood, Walsh, North Dakota17.
  • Jacob “Jake” S. Welter: Born Oct 1879 in Port Washington, Ozaukee, Wisconsin4-8; married Nellie B. DeSautel about 1912 in Grafton, ND;16,20; died 11 Nov 1961 in Napa, Napa, California17; buried in Nov 1961 in Tulocay Cemetery, Napa, Napa, California3,4.
  • Mary “Maria” Welter: Born Apr 1882 in North Dakota17.

Nicholas died on 10 Oct 1898 at the age of 62 and is buried at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Oakwood, Walsh, North Dakota17.  Catherina continued to live in Acton Township as a widow with her grown children Peter, Nicholas, Jacob and Mary5.  She died on 13 Mar 1905 and was buried at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Oakwood, Walsh, North Dakota17.



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