Walsh County, North Dakota


Kensington, North Dakota (Historic)
Post Office Established: September 23, 1879
Postmaster: Edwin O. Faulkner
Township: Kensington Township
Location: Sec. 110-158-55, about 6 miles North of Park River.
Post Office Closed: September 15, 1884 with mail to Park River.

KENSINGTON: This was a rural community in the heart of a colony of Scandinavian immigrants. The post office was established September 23, 1879, with Edwin O. Faulkner, postmaster. The name was suggested by a Canadian settler for Kensington, England, a borough of London. A village of this name in Minnesota was founded in 1887 by Gen. William D. Washburn, later to have a major influence in central North Dakota, and was the site of the discovery of the famous Viking runestone in 1989. The North Dakota community was located in Sec. 110-158-55, Kensington Twp., about six miles north of Park River. The post office closed September 15, 1884, with mail to Park River. 2 (2,10,13,25,40,75) (pg 101).

In the fall of 1878, five families named “Irish” settled on what is known as the North Branch of the Park River, Township 155, Range 55. They came from Wisconsin. They were immediately followed by several Canadian families from Wellington County. Among them were William Code and his two brothers; George Brown (who was later chosen as the Postmaster of Minto); William and Alex Bruce; John Wedge; Alexander Smith; William Burbridge; John Robb; E. O. Faulkner; and George and William Oakes. At that time, Kensington village was the largest in the county and the farthest west in location. Thomas Honey was appointed Postmaster. 1

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