Walsh County, North Dakota


Garfield, North Dakota (Historical)
Founded: 1880
Post Office Established: October 18, 1880
Postmaster: Knute P. Levang (1851-1919) at his home 1 mile north of the town site
Post Office Closed: May 21, 1886 with mail to Vesta

GARFIELD: This pioneer settlement was founded in 1880 in Sec. 21-157-56, Golden Twp., seven miles west of Park River. It was named for James Abram Garfield, the 1880 Republican candidate for President, who won the election, but was assassinated within a few months after his inauguration. The post office was established October 18, 1880, with Knute P. Levang (1851-1919) as postmaster, at first in his home one mile north of the town site. The little village thrived, at one time having a newspaper, three general stores, a drugstore, two doctors, two hotels, two blacksmiths, two saloons, three land offices, etc., but when the Great Northern RR bypassed the site in 1884, an exodus began to the new town site of Park River on the railroad. The post office closed May 21, 1886, with mail to Vesta, and GARFIELD was soon a ghost town. 2(2,3,18,40) (pg 73).

In the early summer of 1880, a party of Norwegian prospectors came from Iowa, and looked Walsh County over thoroughly. After looking particularly at the Elk Valley, west of Kensington, they returned to Iowa, and sent a large number of their fellow-countrymen out to possess the land. They settled in Township 157, Range 56, and established a post office, which they called Garfield, in honor of a murdered executive. By 1884, the settlement included three stores, two or three dwellings, a blacksmith shop, two saloons and the post office. 1

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