Walsh County, North Dakota


Sod house near Fairdale, ND, 1903

Sod house near Fairdale, ND, 1903

Fairdale, North Dakota (Incorporated)
Established: September 27, 1905
Postmaster: Ole J. Nordlie
Location: SE ¼ Sec. 22 & SW ¼ Sec. 23-158-59, Kinloss Twp.
Zip Code: 58229
Village Incorporated: 1907
Peak Population: 192 in 1920.

FAIRDALE: This Soo Line Railroad station was founded in 1905 in SE ¼ Sec. 22 & SW ¼ Sec. 23-158-59, Kinloss Twp., and given a descriptive name noting its pleasant location in the Park River Valley. The post office was established September 27, 1905, with Ole J. Nordlie, postmaster. The Zip Code is 58229, and the village, which incorporated in 1907, reached a peak population of 192 in 1920. Al Van Dahl, the pioneer editor of The Fairdale Times, later achieved success in Mill City, Oregon, as the publisher of The Western Stamp Collector, a national periodical serving that popular hobby. (1,2,3,18,33,40,75)(pg 62).



Fairdale Soper


Fairdale Winter


Fairdale Token


Fairdale Main Street


Interior of Elling Ohnstad Sod House, Fairdale 1928


Fairdale Home, 1890s


Sod House of Elling Ohnstad, Fairdale, 24 Jun 1923


Erickson, Emma and Milda, Fairdale 1900s



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