Walsh County, North Dakota


“Walsh Heritage”, Vol 2, pg 897

     Silvesta Congregation was formed at a meeting held Oct. 31, 1892, at which time Edward Thrugstad acted as chairman. It was decided that the congregation should belong to the Hauges Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Synod. “No departure from this has ever been made!”

     The first set of officers was elected Nov. 5 that same year and consisted of the following: Andrew Holth, chairman; J.T. Hegeland, secretary; Moses Flugekvam, treasurer; Edward Thrugstad, Ole A. Haug and Frank Samuelson, trustees; Osmund Rostvedt, Julius Westby and Sakereas Aordal, deacons.  Rev. L.T. Kringle of Edinburg became the first pastor. Horse transportation, poor roads, snowy winters and lack of church facilities added to the pastor’s difficulties during this period. Services were conducted in small schoolhouses at two different places within the congregation until 19065 when the church was built in the village of Fairdale. The cemetery is located three miles northeast of Fairdale.

     Silvesta continued as a unit of the Edinburg charge through Rev. Kringle’s, Rev. Krogstad’s and Rev. Oderlund’s terms. In 1909, Silvesta sold its interest in the Edinburg church property and engaged Rev. Ludwig Peterson of Aadalen Free Church to serve the congregation. He served about two years. Then Rev. Byberg, who was serving and residing near St. Hans Church was called as pastor of Silvesta. He accepted and decided to reside at Fairdale, and he remained from 1911 to 1918.

     Rev. Urling next served this community and also Vang, St. Hans, and St. Olaf until 1926. The Silvesta Congregation again engaged a Free Church pastor, Rev. George Larson, who served until 1930. Rev. Oscar Rud was called in 1931 and remained until 1936, and during this time Highland became a unit of the Fairdale charge by calling Rev. Rud and joining in the purchase of a parsonage. Rev. Herbert Larson was the next pastor to serve.

     Silvesta Church was organized in 1890 as the Hauges Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Synod. In 1906 the Silvesta Lutheran Church was built in Fairdale. In 1927 the basement was built. In 1931 the first Sunday School assembled. In 1955 the parsonage was built. In 1958 a Hammond organ was purchased and in 1965 Aadalen and St. Olaf merged into the Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church at Fairdale. In 1966 a new building was erected by Schoenrock & Sons, Inc., Hazen, at the cost of $105,000.

     Submitted by Bernard Hultstrand.

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