Walsh County, North Dakota


“Walsh Heritage” Vol 1, pg 617

     “To the Norwegian settlers and their descendants in Tiber, Silvesta and Montrose Townships, Stefanus Norsk Evangelisk Lutherck Menighed” stood high in the veneration of the sturdy folk who converted the foothills of the Pembina Mountains into a productive and beautiful agricultural district.

     The organizational meeting of this church was held 20 Jul 1883 at the home of Ole Axvig, then in Pembina County. The title selected was Stefanus Norsk Evangelisk Lutherck Menighed. Rev. Jens Lonne presided over the organizational meeting. Charter members were A.A. Jewland, Ole H. Lykken, Sackarias Aardahl, and John Strete. Benjamin Tessem and A.A. Juveland were elected trustees and Torjus H. Flom and John Strete, deacons; John Strete, secretary, Anders J. Myrvik, treasurer and Jens Flom, “klokker” or choir leader.

     John Myrvik was the first child born after the organization of this congregation. His birthday is 2 Oct 1883, and he was baptized 1 Dec 1883, by Rev. Lonne.

     In an article written by Ole Myrvik some years ago, he stated that the first St. Stephen’s confirmation service was held in a log school west of Edinburg and that, of the group confirmed three churches became represented later and that he (Ole Myrvik) was the only confirmand that stayed by the mother church and became a life-long member. The Juvland name I connect with Odalen, the Aardahl and Lykken and Axvig names became familiar in Hitterdahl Congregation.

     Submitted by Hazel Myrvik Thorson.

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