Walsh County, North Dakota


“Walsh Heritage,” Vol 2, pg 1082

St. Catherine’s Church at Lomice is northeast of Lawton in Sauter Township in Walsh County. On July 17, 1934, the foundation of the new mission was laid. The church was built with rock gathered by the congregation from their own farmlands. It was laid by the parishioners under the supervision of the late Joseph Vitek, a member of the congregation who came here from Czechoslovakia and learned masonry here. It took three years to construct the church, but as a result the congregation has a “little extra” affection for their church.

Much credit for the architecture and motivation for construction goes to the Rev. V. F. Mikolasek, the congregation pastor, who drew the blueprints and pushed for the all-stone church. We would expect it was bringing a touch of the “Old Country” to the plains of North Dakota. The church was served later by Rev. F. X. Miller, and a parish hall was built. Through this great usage there are indications that this church is still the heart of the community. Rev. L. Svetinsky served after Rev. Miller, and now (1976) the church is served by Rev. John Gravin of Lankin.

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