Walsh County, North Dakota


“Walsh Heritage” Vol 2, pg 715

     The congregation first met in the Ramsey Grove school house by the appointment of Pembina Presbytery for the purpose of effecting a church organization in 1894. Rev. Madson of Inkster was Moderator, assisted by the pastor, Rev. J.B. Ferguson.

     The pastor read a summary of the doctrines of the Presbyterian Church and called out the names of those who desired to unite with the same 24 members. After the persons had satisfactorily answered the questions put by Rev. Madson, he proceeded with the final organization ceremony.

     The old name being agreeable to the people, he pronounced the Presbyterian Church of Ramsey Grove formally organized. The congregation elected Elders John Liddle, John Ramsey and Calvin Walters; Trustees Wm. Baird, Wm. J. McArthur and George Woods; Secretary Richard Grayson, and Miss Millie Hendrickson, Treasurer.

     This church was located in Ramsey Grove, three miles east of Lankin and one mile north on Highway 32. Services were held up to 1898 in homes and the school. When the new school was built the congregation bought the old school building for a church. It was moved to its present site and is still used as a town hall.

     This Ramsey Grove Presbyterian Church functioned about 10 years, closing wit the idea of organizing a new church in Lankin. Having new people coming into Lankin, a bigger congregation could be formed. In 1909 a new church was built in Lankin, which was dedicated Sept 11, 1910, as the First Presbyterian Church. The first pastor was Rev. Russell Browne.

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