Walsh County, North Dakota


“Walsh Heritage,” Vol 3, pg 59

LOCATION: 603 3rd Avenue, Adams, ND 58210

The Mountain Lutheran Church was organized on November 13, 1886, at the Jens O. Bjorg farm when Rev. M. C. Holseth of South Park Congregation met with several families. (The early history can be found in “Walsh History,” Vol 2. The Mountain congregation celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1961.

The interior of the church was refinished in 1942 with fiber wood blocks. In 1953 major repairs were done to the exterior and the basement. A new electric organ was installed. In 1962 a basement fire damaged some pews, and water and smoke damage was sustained, making it necessary to rebuild the interior of the church. Furniture was replaced, a new organ, piano, carpeting, new wiring, etc., and a new heating system was installed. Dedication of the newly remodeled church was held on November 18, 1962, with Dr. Loyal Tallackson, Fargo, giving the dedication sermon. Rev. E. R. Leivestad was the pastor at this time.


The Trinity congregation joined the Mountain congregation on May 16, 1965. Thirty-six new members from St. Peter’s congregation was received on May 1, 1966.  In 1971 an addition was built to the church building which included an entrance, library, pastor’s study, educational center and lavatories. Dedication was held December 12, 1971. A new parsonage was built in 1974.

In the summer of 1980 the beautiful stained glass windows were repaired and ceiling fans installed. The present pastor is Rev. Lawrence Steen. The president of the congregation is Harold Mindeman; vice president Ronald Setness; secretary Grant Lindell; and treasurer Clarence Nygard. The trustees are Earl Axvig, chairman, Jerald Kurtz, Henry Lundene, Dennis Skorheim, Jr., and Levern Dahl. The deacons are Palmer Boe, Merle Daley, Duane Troftgruben, David Clemens and Arthur Borgeson.

The Mountain congregation is a three-point parish with Sarepta and Hoff congregations as members. The Parish Board includes Alfred Lindell  as president, Donald Aune Vice president, Mrs. Lloyd Slatten secretary, and Mrs. Gerald Linstad treasurer.  Organizations of the Mountain Lutheran church are Hi League (known as Young Peoples Society in early days), Junior Lutherans (known as L.D.R), Couples Club, Altar Guild, Men’s Club, and Mountain A.L.C.W.


Mountain American Lutheran Church Women

This organization began October 25, 1906, when a meeting was held at the C. J. Arneson home to organize a Ladies’ Aid. Early meetings were held in the homes, and the donation was ten cents. For quite a few years suppers were served at the close of their meetings; at present, coffee and a pastry or sandwiches are served.

The Ladies’ Aid, then as now, is a strong arm of the congregation, with donations given to missions, local projects, sending children to Bible camp and supporting charitable organizations. Picnics, bazaars, banquets, and serving for social events, including weddings, dinners and conventions, are among M.A.L.C.W. events.

There are four circles that meet once a month, while Bible study is the main program. The 1980 officers are Mrs. Robert Lundquist, Sr., president; Mrs. Fred Nottestad, vice president; Mrs. Glen Vigen, secretary; and Mrs. Vernon Drevecky, treasurer. The Mountain A.L.C.W. still meets the third Thursday of each month.

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