Walsh County, North Dakota

Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church

St. Joseph’s Stained Glass Windows

Heritage Village, Grafton, North Dakota

The windows located on the east wall of the Theater Building were donated by the R.F. “Pete” Matejoek family in 1988. These windows were originally purchased and installed into the first St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Lankin, North Dakota.

A parish meeting was called on March 7, 1915. John Matejoek, Sr., volunteered to raise funds for windows to be installed in the church. The large windows cost $23 each, and the smaller windows cost $20 each. The families of C. Zeman, Charles Novak and Mrs. Machart each donated one window. The following families donated two to each window: John Matejoek and Ad. Solbolk, Mrs. C. Ruzicka and James Seidal, Joseph and Anton Matejoek, Joseph and John Novak, J. H. Vorachek and F. Helt. Other families and individials donated one window each: Witasek Brothers, S. Rinde, Mayers Brothers, H. Altendorf, F. Tackman, J. Gerstner, A. Novak and The Bachelors. The tower window was donated by Dr. F. Weed and F. Trenda. 1

The St. Joseph’s Catholic Church building was utilized until 1967. Due to the prohibitive cost of updating the original building it was decided to build a new church. Leo Bosh bought the original building for one dollar and donated the cost of moving the building to an empty pasture where it stood for many years. In the following years Leo Bosh held an auction and items from the church, including these windows, were sold. After the items were removed the building was burned. Construction of present-day St. Joseph’s Catholic church was started in October of 1957 and was completed in January of 1968.2



John Matejoek was the first postmaster in Lankin and a prominent citizen of that city. Joseph and Anton Matejoek were John’s brothers. The present day spelling of their surname is “Matejcek.” Ad. Solbolk was a grain buyer for the local elevator. The present-day spelling of his surname is “Sobolik.”


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