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taken from “Walsh Heritage” Vol 1, pgs 539-540

“From 1881 to 1883, Rev. I.J. Lonne served as a mission pastor and Rev. Anders Nykreim served from 1883 to 1886 the people of the Golden Valley area. In 1885, Rev. G.J. Omland was called as pastor. At this time the Garfield congregation was organized. Meetings were held in the schools at first. Franklin and Golden Valley congregations met and were merged with the Garfield Lutheran Church in 1888. It was decided to use the name of the Garfield Lutheran Church to this union. Officers elected at this time were: Anton Boe, secretary; Henry Knutson, treasurer; trustees were Ole Johnson, John Jenson and Carl Johnson; deacons Peder John, Johannes Alsted and Erik Paulson.

Pastors who served the congregation were: Rev. Ludvig Pederson (1908-1911), Rev. H.E. Bode (1911-1917), Rev. C.A. Rykken (1917-1919), Rev. G. Bretheim (1922-1927), Rev. George Sather (1927-1930), Rev. P.Q. Laurhammer (1931-1952), Rev. Arthur Bervig (1952-1954), Rev. L.B. Underbakke (1955-1961), and Rev. Thomas Steenberg (1961-1966).

Sunday School was organized on Jan. 28, 1894, in the Garfield School House. Nils Isakson was the firt teacher and Lars Madland was the superintendent. Parochial school in Norwegian was conducted three weeks each summer in the Lampton School.

In 1902 Garfield Church was moved south of Edinburg on the Jacob Berg farm. This land was donated by him to the congregation. In 1910, the name of the church was changed to the Garfield Lutheran Free Church. They had a very active young people’s society organized in 1917. John Berg, the first president, served for 10 years. The other original officers were Lilly Nelson, Vice President; Carrie Bjorndahl, secretary; and Christ Sundvor, treasurer.



The Garfield Lutheran Ladies’ Aid was organized Dec. 1, 1911, at the church. The first president was Mrs. Jacob Berg. Other early presidents were Mrs. Lars Madland, Mrs. John Sundvor, and Mrs. Nils Bjorndahl. At a regular meeting held at the home of Lars Madland on March 11, 1912, a sleigh was presented to Rev. G.J. Omland, their pastor. They met regularly every first Thursday in the month at the member’s homes.

Other charter members of the Ladies’ Aid were: Mrs. John Anderson, Mrs. Halvor Akre, Mrs. Sandre Akre, Mrs. Andrew Madland, Mrs Sam Madland, Mrs. Aaron Levin, Mrs. Lars Windingland, Mrs. Ole Windingland, Mrs. Ellingson (Osterhus), Mrs. Hans Sundvor, Mrs. Ole Nelson, Mrs. Jena Torgerson, Mrs. Nils Isakson, Mrs. Gunolf Omland, and Misses Anne and Carrie Bjorndahl.

In the early days the Ladies’ Aid purchased material and the members sewed articles to sell at the fall sale, at which time supper and lunches were served.

Submitted by Mrs. L.S. Jensen and Mr. George A. Berg.




Taken from “Walsh Heritage” Vol 1, pg 596


The original site of Garfield Lutheran Free Church and Cemetery was in Section 16 of Golden Township, No. 157, on property now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kjelland. The following is a record of the deed:


“John Jenson, Elizabeth Jenson, his wife, to Ole Johnson and Carl Johnson and John Jenson, Trustees of the Garfield Norwegian Lutheran Church, Walsh County, Dakota Territory.  Warranty Deed, dated Dec. 14, 1887; filed June 1, 1888, at 11:20 a.m., recorded in Book “P” of Deeds, page 272, consideration, $1.00. 


Conveys a part of the SE ¼ SE ¼, Section 16, Township 157, Range 56, containing two acres, described as follows: Beginning at a point on the south line of Section 16, Township 157, Range 56, 41 rods west of the southeast corner of said Section 16 and running thence along said south line of said Section 16, west a distance of 29 rods, thence due north a distance of 13 rods, thence due east a distance of 29 rods, thence due south a distance of 13 rods in point of beginning. Sealed. Two witnesses. Acknowledged May 30, 1888, by John Jenson and Elizabeth Jenson, his wife, before George L. Laveya, Notary Public, Walsh county, Dakota Territory.”




Taken from Billiongraves.com


Address: 1289-12898 73rd St NE

Edinburg, Walsh, ND 58227



This cemetery is from the Garfield Lutheran Church and the marker stone reads: “Garfield congregation was organized near the village of Garfield, Dakota Territory, in 1886. The building moved to this location in 1903. The congregation became affiliated with the Lutheran Free Church in 1910. Then merged with Trinity Lutheran Church of Edinburg, ND in 1965.”











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