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Sandvig, Gulbrand C. and Kari (Borlaug) Family


Gulbrand Christophersen Sandvig was born on 23 Oct 1859 in Odalen, Norway, to Christopher and Gunhild (Hansdatter) Henriksen. He immigrated to the US in about 1876 at the age of 17 and settled in Minnesota.  He met Kari Pedersdatter Borlaug in Minnesota.  Kari was born 11 September 1856 in Bergen, Norway, the daughter of Peder Andersen and Sigrid (Sjursdatter) Borlaug.  She immigrated to the United States with her family in about 1865 at the age of 9.

Gulbrand and Kari were married on 2 March 1880 at the Holden Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenyon, Goodhue, Minnesota.  They went to Walsh County, North Dakota, by wagon that same year and homesteaded 5 miles southwest of Grafton in section 34 of Grafton Township.  They built a small frame house, which they added to years later.

The 1900 US Census shows the family living in Grafton Twp, with twelve children. The 1910 US Census shows them still in Grafton Twp with seven children.  The 1915 ND State Census shows them living in Grafton City, still with 7 children.

Gulbrand and Kari had twelve children, all born in at their homestead near Grafton: Mina, Carl, Bergette, Cornelia, Garnold, Olvin, Madelia, Naford, Chester, Eldridge, and Theresa.

Mina “Mimie” Sandvig was born on 7 Sep 1882 in North Dakota.  She died in Grafton on 12 Apr 1964.  Carl Palmer Sandvig was born on 20 Apr 1884.  He died in June of 1968, a resident of Grafton, Walsh, ND.  Bergette Henrietta Sandvig was born 18 Nov 1885.  Cornelia Charlotte Sandvig was born 13 Jul 1887 in Welsh, Goodhue, MN and died 3 Nov 1963.  Garnold Olaus Sandvig was born 23 May 1889, and he died 7 Oct 1941.  He is buried in Grafton Lutheran Cemetery.

Olvin Claudius Sandvig was born 12 Mar 1891. He married Clara Otilia “Tillie” Monson on 26 Nov 1919 in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Welsh, Goodhue, MN.  Clara was born 24 November, 1896 in ??.  Olvin enlisted in the army 22 Jul 1918.  The 1920 US Census shows they settled in Fertile Twp, Walsh, ND.  Olvin was a farm laborer working for wages. They had five children:  Marvin Gerald (1920-2008), Roselia Kathleen “Rosie” (1922), Charlotte Ardella (1924-2015), Lyla Delores “Lolly” (1927-??), and Orlando Cyrel “Orlie” (1929-??).  Olvin died 6 Jun 1929 in Grand Forks, Grand Forks, ND, and was buried on 8 Jun 1929, in the Grafton Lutheran Cemetery, Grafton, Walsh, ND.  His wife, Tillie, remarried on 5 Apr 1937 to Otto Henry Hove at Zion’s Lutheran Church in Cavalier, Pembina, ND.  They had 1 child, Ruth Hove, born 24 May 1938 in Grafton, Walsh, ND.  She lived in Fertile Twp, Walsh, ND, until her death on 6 Feb 1990, at the age of 93.  She was buried in the South Trinity Cemetery in Grafton, Walsh, ND.

Madelia Sandvig was born 10 Nov 1892 in Walsh County, ND.  She died on 6 May 1990, and is buried in Grafton Lutheran Cemetery in Grafton.  Naford Benjamin Sandvig was born on 22 Apr 1894 and never married.  He worked as a farm laborer and died on 8 Jun 1974.  He is also buried in Grafton Lutheran Cemetery.

Chester Theodore Sandvig was born on 9 Jul 1896.  He married Hilma E Sandvig in about 1930.  Hilma was born 18 Aug 1896.  They had 4 children: Evelyn (Hammond) Sandvig(1922), Lois (Skaaden) Sandvig (1936), Eleanor Evangeline “Catherine” (24 Jan 1930), and Donald Jerome (LaVonne Faye Ladd) Sandvig (24 Dec 1931-27 May 2012).

Eldridge Herbert Sandvig was born 10 Dec 1897.  He married Hellen F. Babinski, the daughter of Anton and Vanda Babinski.  Hellen was born on 17 Apr 1912 in Alvarado, Marshall, MN.  She was raised in Pulaski Twp, ND.  They settled in Grafton, where they had 11 children: Bonnie, Gilbert A “Poncho”, Herbert, Gilbert H., Eldridge H., Violet, Arliss J., Shirley Ann, Darliss J. “Delia”, Eldridge A. “Sonny”, and Patsy H.  Eldridge died on 1 Mar 1988, and Hellen died on 20 May 1988, at Unity Hospital in Grafton, ND.  They are both buried in St. John’s Catholic Cemetery in Grafton, ND.

Theresa Sylvia Sandvig was born 16 Apr 1900.  She married a man by the last name of Weisert in about 1929, and by 1930 she was living in Grafton with her brother Eldridge and his wife Hellen.  She had with her a 2-1/2 year old son, Edward R. Weisert, born about March 1929 in North Dakota. (see the 1930 US Census, Grafton, ND).  In 1935 she lived and worked as a maid in Grand Forks, ND.

Gulbrand died on 13 Aug 1919 and was buried in the Grafton Lutheran Cemetery, Grafton, Walsh, North Dakota, in August of 1919.  Kari Pedersdatter Borlaug died on 13 May 1919, and was also buried in the Grafton Lutheran Cemetery.  Their deaths were so close, could they have died of the influenza?

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Marriage Sources

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Death Sources

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