Walsh County, North Dakota

Jorgenson-Lahd, Johannes and Martha (Hillested) Family

Research Review by Mary Kovarik, Walsh County Historical Society (April, 2016)

Johannes “John” Jorgenson Lahd was born 14 May 19435 in Norway, according to dates found on his headstone, though census records indicate he was more likely born in May of 18441.  His parents were Jorgen-Lahd Johannesson and Kristi (Thomasdotter) of Sogn Fjord, Norway2.  He had 3 brothers who died in infancy, each named Peder Jorgenson. His siblings were:  Peder Jorgenson Lahd, (1836-1836), Christopher Jorgenson Lahd (1837-1916), Peder Jorgenson Lahd (1840-1840), Peder Jorgenson Lahd (1841-1841), Johannes Jorgenson Lahd (1843-1924), and Gertrude (Jorgensdotter) Bakken (1847-1897), all born in Sogn Fjord, Norway2.

Johannes, who went by the name of John, left his family as a young man of 22 and immigrated to the US around 18651, settling in Kenyon, Goodhue, Minnesota.  He met and married Martha Andersdotter Hillestad on 10 March 1876 at Holden Evangelist Lutheran Church in rural Kenyon, Goodhue, Minnesota2.  Martha Andersdotter Hillestad was born 25 Sep 18535 in Minnesota, the daughter of Anders Hillestad and Marit-Wigebakken (Knutsdotter) Anderson3. She immigrated to the US at the age of 8, around 1861, and settled in Minnesota1.  Since both her parents died in Norway, it is unclear if they immigrated to the US as well.

There is a puzzle as to the family’s surname. The “Walsh Heritage” biography, volume 2, pg 69610, states, “John Marifjern changed his name to Lahd after coming to Park River, as his mail was constantly getting mixed up with the other Marifjerns in the area who were his cousins.”  It is true that there was a John Marifjeren family in the same congregation in Goodhue County, Minnesota (the Holden Lutheran Church), who also emigrated to North Dakota and were members of the same congregation, the Park Center Lutheran Church in rural Hoople, North Dakota2. However, other records indicate that John actually changed his name from Jorgenson-Lad to Lahd9.  Their church marriage record from 18762 indicates their names as “Johannes Jorgensen Lad and Martha Andersdtr Hillestad.”  In the 1880 Census6 for Cherry Hill, Goodhue, Minnesota, they are listed as “John and Martha Jorgenson.”  But by the 1900 Census for Kensington Township, they are listed as “John and Martha Lad1.”  Further investigation into the Jorgenson-Lahd family in Goodhue, Minnesota, so far has revealed no family ties to the “Marifjeren” family.

John and Martha were the parents of twelve children.  Two children died young.  John, Mary and Andrew were born while the family was living in Cherry Hill, Goodhue, Minnesota.  In 1880, Martha and John left Cherry Hilland traveled by wagon train to Dakota Territory with their three small children, settling in Kensington Township north of Park River4.  There they had 7 more children, all born in Walsh County, North Dakota: Christina, Peter, Martin, Lena, George, Christian, and Joseph1.

The children were raised in Kensington township7,8 as members of the Park Center Lutheran Church in rural Hoople, North Dakota.  Martha (Hillestad) Lahd died on 3 Nov 1915,5,9 at the age of 62. She was buried in the Park Center Lutheran Cemetery in rural Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota on 6 Nov 1915.9

After Martha’s death, John lived on the family farm with his son and daughter-in-law, Chris and Nellie Lahd, along with his son George, who never married11.  John died on 3 October 1924, in Dundee Twp, Walsh, North Dakota9, at the age of 81-1/2 and was buried in Park Center Cemetery, rural Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota5.

John Lahd

The eldest son John Lahd was born on 25 Jan 187715.  He married Helena Anetta Rue around 1900.  They resided in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota for a time, where their daughters Mildred Gladys and Hazel Irene were born. In 1905 they immigrated to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada16, where Joyce Katherine, Alice Caroline, J. Howard, Helene Margaret, Leon Oscar, and Marie Lorraine were born. Sometime between 1921 and 1923 they immigrated back to the United States to Fergus County, Montana17. The last move was to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho18, where John died on 18 Nov 195314.  His wife, Helena, followed him in death a few years later, 2 Oct 195414.  They are buried at Forest Cemetery in Coeur d’Alene, Kootenai, Idaho14.

The eldest daughter, Mildred Gladys (Lahd) Mellen was born 6 Nov 1901 in Park River, Walsh, North Dakota20.  She was baptized on 28 Nov 1901 at the Bergen Evangelical Lutheran Church in Starkweather, Ramsey, North Dakota20.  She immigrated to Canada and by 1916 was living in Medicine Hat, Alberta16. She married Frederick Rowleigh Mellen, and was living in Tilley, Alberta, Canada by 194332.  On March 31, 1943, she crossed the border with her husband and 2 children for a 2-week visit with her father in Lewistown, Montana32. Mildred died on 14 Aug 1971 in Canada and is buried at Hillside Cemetery in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

Hazel Irene Lahd was born about 1903 in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota33.  She married Gordon B. Coldwell on 20 Aug 1925 in Columbus, Stillwater, Montana33.  They settled in Montana, and lived at 616 Ave. North in Great Falls, Montana, in 193018.  Their daughter, Joyce Ruth Colwell was born on 28 May 1926, in Red Lodge, Carbon, Montana37.  Joyce married Donald C. McDougal on 28 Aug 1943 in Spokane, Washington34, and died on 26 Nov 1994 in San Diego, California14.  She’s buried at Greenwood Cemetery in San Diego, California14.  Hazel Irene Lahd died on 3 Apr 1936 in Montana and is buried at Highland Cemetery in Great Falls, Montana38.

Joyce Katherine Lahd was born on 31 Mar 1908 in Queenstown, Alberta, Canada39.  She married Hubert Orville Becken on 14 Aug 1929 in Columbia, Montana39.  Their daughter, Neva Jean Becken was born 3 Jan 1935 in Montana. Neva Jean married Thomas Nelson Minette on 27 Dec 1955 in Big Timber, Montana39. They were divorced in October of 197541.  Neva resided in Sedona, Arizona, for a time40.  She also resided in Santa Rosa, CA, in 1975 at the time of her father’s death. Neva died and was buried in Montana. Her father, Hubert Orville Becken died 7 Jan 1975 in Big Timber, Montana14.  Joyce Katherine died on 17 Jun 2001 in Big Timber14.  They are both buried at Mountain View Cemetery in Big Timber, Montana14.

Alice Carolyn Lahd was born abt 1911 in Alberta, Canada16.  She married Willie Wayne Lakey. They settled in Richland, WA.  Willie died 31 Aug 1993 in Pasco, WA37, and Alice died about 2007 in Richland, WA37.

Howard Lahd was born 9 Aug 1912 in Alderson, Alberta, Canada16. He immigrated to Montana, USA with his family on 19 Oct 1923, where they settled in Fergus County, near Moore32. Howard enlisted in the US Army as a single man on 21 Mar 1942 in Missoula, Montana42. He died on 2 Apr 1983 and was buried on 6 Apr 1983 at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona in Phoenix, Arizona14.

Helene Margaret Lahd was born on 24 Dec 1915, in Alderson, Alberta, Canada37. She immigrated to Fergus County, Montana with her family on 19 Oct 192332.   Helene married Lee Earl Bean, and they settled in Kellogg, Idaho43. By 1947 they were living in Spokane, WA19.  Helene also lived in Port Orchard, WA, in 1993, Kent, WA, in 1995, and again in Port Orchard, WA, in 199619. Her last residence was Federal Way, WA37. She died on 29 Aug 200237.

Leon Oscar Lahd was born on 21 Sep 1918 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada37.  He immigrated to the US with his family on 12 Apr 1930, settling in Fergus County, Montana32.  In 1935 he lived in Lewistown, Montana. He married Dorothy Fox, who was born on 26 Feb 1919 in Kellogg, Idaho37, and they settled in her home town of Kellogg.  Their son, John Allen Lahd was born on 16 Aug 1943 and died at the age of 44 in 198737. He shares a headstone with his mother Dorothy at the Greenwood Cemetery in Kellogg, ID14.  Daughter Sandra J. “Moon” Lahd was born on 28 Dec 1944 in Idaho.  She died on 2 Jun 1977 and was buried at Riverview Cemetery in Coeur d’Alene, ID14.  Dorothy Fox died on 5 Feb 1990 in Columbia, Oregon37.  Leon Oscar Lahd died on 3 Apr 1987 in Missoula County, Montana, his place of last residence37.

Marie Lorraine Lahd was born in abt 1921 in Alderson, Alberta, Canada37.  At the age of two she immigrated to a farm near Fishtail, Fergus County, Montana, USA, with her family3.  She married William H. Brewer on 5 Aug 1947, in Ringling, Billings, Montana32. The following is taken from her obituary: She graduated from Fergus County High School in 1938.  After receiving a teaching permit from Billings Normal School she taught in rural schools in Meagher County, including the Ringling School. In Ringlinig she met William Brewer and they married on August 5, 1947. Together they raised six children.  Bill’s employment with the Milwaukee Railroad resulted in many moves over the course of their life together.

After her husband passed away in 1989, Marie remained in Ringling for several years. Due to the distance for medical care, she moved to the Homestead Manor in Townsend, and then to Choteau, where she resided at the Skyline Lodge.  In 2011 she made her last move to the Legacy Assisted Living in Dillon.

Marie greatly loved children and enjoyed being a homemaker. She was an excellent cook and loved to bake Norwegian goodies. She always had a huge garden and spent hours canning and preserving fruits and vegetables for her family  She was an avid reader and liked nothing better than to play board and card games. Her favorite was pinochle, which she enjoyed even to the last days of her life. Marie loved to visit and entertained family and friends with her stories and conversation. She was raised in a generation which valued old-time family traditions and high moral standards. She lived her life to uphold those standards. She was a wonderful mom, grandma, aunt, sister, and friend to all she met. She will be dearly missed.

Marie is survived by her children: Richard (Kim) Brewer of Helena; Julie (Woody) Ameline of Choteau; Jack (Roxanne) Brewer of Townsend; Ron (Dee) Brewer of Helena; Linda (Scott) Marsh of Dillon; and Allen (Sandy) Brewer of Winston. She was blessed with 17 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. Other survivors include her sister-in-law, Betty Jean Brewer of Spokane, Washington, many nieces and nephews, her dear friend Vi Anderson of Billings, and her “Legacy family” in Dillon.  She was preceded in death by her husband Bill and all her siblings48.


Maria Kristine Lahd

John and Martha Jorgenson-Lahd’s second child, Maria Kristine Lahd, was born 19 Jul 1878 in Cherry Grove, Goodhue, Minnesota5.  She was baptized on 18 Aug 1878 at Holden Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenyon, Goodhue, Minnesota15, and was confirmed on 14 Aug 1892 at Park Center Lutheran Church in rural Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota9.  In 1880 she moved with the family to a farm in Kensington Township, near Park River, Walsh, North Dakota, and was still living at home at the age of 211.  She appeared in the 1910 US Census living with her sisters family (Christina Hoime) in Overland Twp, Ramsey, North Dakota, single, age 32, working as a servant19. In 1915 she was again living at home with her family in Kensington Twp8.  There is no indication that she was ever married.  Maria died on 28 Apr 1919 in Dundee Twp. North Dakota9, and was buried at the Park Center Cemetery in rural Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota, on 30 Apr 19195,9.


Andrew Lahd

Andrew Lahd was born 23 Mar 1880 in Cherry Grove, Goodhue, Minnesota13.   He was baptized at the Holden Evangelical Lutheran Church on 23 Apr 188015.  He moved with the family to Kensington Twp, near Park River, North Dakota, in 18804. In 1895 he was confirmed at the Park Center Lutheran Church near Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota15.  In 1900, at the age of 19, he was still single and living with his parents1.  In 1907 he homesteaded in Queenstown, Alberta, Canada and later settled in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada16.  He married Anne Sandvig (Johnson).  The 1916 Canada Census shows him with 3 children: Jessie (B. 1911), Mammie (b. 1913) and Orden (b. 1914), all born in Alberta, Canada16.  A 1935 Canada voters list reveals him living in Macleod, Alberta, Canada as a trucker.  In 1938 he reportedly lived in Wetaskiwin32.  Andrew died on 4 Oct 1951 in Alberta, Canada and was buried at the Hope Lutheran Cemetery in Milo, Alberta, Canada14.

Son, Jesse Andrew Lahd was born on 4 Apr 1911, in Queenstown, Alberta, Canada14.  He immigrated to Sweet Grass, Montana on 29 Oct 193432.  In about 1935 he married Margaret Adeline Wilson3.  He died on 13 May 1992 in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada and is buried at Hope Lutheran Cemetery in Milo, Strathmore, Alberta, Canada14.

Mamie Osiline Lahd was born on 23 Mar 1913 in Alberta, Canada32.  She married Christian Elijah Ferguson on 20 Jun 1930 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada32. They lived in Queenstown until 1935, then moved to Wetaskiwin32. They briefly lived in Rimrock, Washington, from 1923—192432. Three children were born in Canada.  Their daughter, Wilma Ann Ferguson, was born in 1931 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada32;  Barbara Estelle Ferguson was born abt 1934 in Arrowwood, Alberta, Canada32; and Ronald Chris  Ferguson was born Dec 1936 in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada32.  Husband, Christian and son, Ronald died in 1956 in Alberta and are buried next to each other at Queens Park Cemetery in Calgary14.

Orden Leroy Lahd was born 24 Aug 1914 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada14.  He lived in Calgary, Canada in 193932.  On 12 Jul 1940 he married Clara Levona Service in Calgary3.  He resided in Crowfoot, Alberta Canada in 197244.  He died in 1983 in Canada and was buried at Hope Lutheran Cemetery in Milo, Alberta, Canada.  Clara Levona Service died on 11 Aug 2010 in Alberta, Canada14.


Christina Georgina (Lahd) Hoime

Christina Georgina (Lahd) Hoime was born 1 Nov 1881 in Park River, Walsh, North Dakota3.  She was confirmed on 26 Jul 1896 at Park Center Lutheran Church in rural Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota9. She appeared In the 1900 US Census with her family in Kensington Twp, Walsh, North Dakota1.  On 29 Mar  1905 she married Thomas Gullikson Hoime at the Park Center Lutheran Church9.  They had 11 sons and 1 daughter: Gilman, Joseph, Melford, Martin, Thomas, Clarence, Elmer and Edwin (twins), Norman Neil, Goodwin Norman, Herman Neil, and Mildred Genieva.  Christina died on 1 Jan 1926, in Ramsey County, North Dakota3. Thomas raised the remainder of the children alone. He lived in Overland Township with many of his grown children22, 23 until his death on 26 Jan 194414.  He was buried at Edmore Cemetery, Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota14.

The eldest son, Gilman Hoime, was born 4 Nov 1905 in North Dakota21.  He was baptized on 25 Nov 190521.  He was confirmed at Concordia Lutheran Church in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota, on 20 Mar 192121.  Census records show that he lived in Overland Township, Ramsey, North Dakota from his birth to 1940.  His wife’s name was Mabel Rosendahl, born 26 April 1905 in Bottineau, Bottineau, North Dakota14.  She was a widow from a previous marriage to Oliver Holum, who died in 194114. She had two known children from that marriage; Ernest A. Holum (1924-1954) and Dennnis L. Holum (1928-1973) 14.  Gilman died in 1972 in Ramsey County and was buried at Edmore Cemetery in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota14.  Mabel died on 28 Nov 1999 and was also buried at Edmore Cemetery14.

Their second son, Joseph Hoime, born on 17 Nov 1906 in Ramsey County, North Dakota, was baptized on 10 Feb 1907 at the Bergen Evangelical Lutheran Church in Starkweather, Ramsey, North Dakota20.  He was confirmed on 20 March 1921 at the Concordia Lutheran Church in Edmore21.  Census records show that he lived with his family in Overland Township from his birth until at least the 1940 Census at age 33. At that time he was still single. Joseph died on 10 December 1990 in Ramsey County and was buried at the Edmore Cemetery in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota14.

Melford R. Hoime was born on 30 Apr 1908 in North Dakota and was baptized on 4 Jul 1908 at the Concordia Lutheran Church in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota21.  Census records indicate that he stayed single and lived at home in Overland Township, Ramsey, North Dakota, from birth to at least age 17. The 1930 census shows him at age 21 living as a lodger with a neighboring family, the Ericksons22. By 1940 he was living back at home with his father, five brothers, and 1 sister23.  He enlisted in the US Army on 27 May 1942 and was released on 6 October 194524.  Melford died on 1 Dec 198825.

Martin J. Hoime was born 28 Apr 1910 in Ramsey County, North Dakota.  Census records indicate that at age 19 he was single and living with the neighboring Kittelson family22.  Martin died on 2 Aug 1986 in Cavalier County, North Dakota, and is buried at Edmore Cemetery, in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota14.

Thomas Hoime was born 2 Dec 1911 in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota14.  He appeared in the 1930 US Census in Lampton Twp, Walsh, North Dakota, as a farm laborer living with his mother’s brother, Peter Lahd26.  He died on 13 Nov 1977 in Devils Lake, Ramsey, North Dakota, and is buried at Edmore Cemetery in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota14.

Clarence Hoime was born about 1914 in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota22, 23, 26, 27. Census records show that he lived in his family home in Overland Township at least until 1930. Death and burial is unknown.

Elmer Hoime was born 22 Apr 1915 at home in Overland Twp, near Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota, twin of Elmer14.  He lived there with his siblings through to 194022,23,26,27,28. The following is taken from his obituary:  “Elmer attended Overland School and enjoyed life on the family farm.  He helped with the farm for several years and also rented some land.  He worked and shared farm equipment with his brothers.  When World War II began he was inducted into the United States Army on 6 Feb 1942.  After basic training he was assigned to the South Pacific Theater and served with the infantry in Hawaii and New Guinea.  The Armed Forces took six of his brothers as well, and they served a combined 302 months overseas.  They all returned safely when the war was over.  Elmer met Ida Wurgler after he returned to Edmore following his honorable discharge.  Ida was a waitress at a local café in Devils Lake.  They were united in marriage on 18 Sep 1946 at St. Olaf Lutheran Church in Devils Lake, Ramsey, North Dakota14.  Elmer and Ida settled in the Edmore area where they farmed their entire lives and also raised dairy and beef cattle.  They had a child, Milton Hoime, who passed away in infancy, and then in 1958 they lovingly adopted a son, Bryan Hoime. Elmer and Ida were avid bowlers and very active in the Edmore Concordia Church. Elmer was a life member of the VFW, and 60-plus-year member of the American Legion. He was also a member of the Senior Citizens and Community Club activities in Edmore. Elmer served on the Overland Township Board for 32 years. Farming was Elmer’s passion but he did enjoy time in the outdoors and fishing. In 1998 they semi-retired from farming and moved to Edmore and Bryan continued the farming operation.  In 2000 they moved to Devils Lake for health reasons and spent time in the Heartland Assisted Living and Care Facility.  Ida passed away on 23 Dec 2005, and Elmer continued to live in Heartland until his death.”  Elmer died on 27 Dec 2009 at Heartland Care Center in Devils Lake and was buried at Edmore Cemetery, Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota14. He was preceded in death by his parents; his wife, Ida; an infant son, Milton, his 11 brothers and 1 sister.”

Edwin Hoime was born on 22 Apr 1915 with his twin brother, Elmer, at home in Overland Twp. Near Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota14.  Census records indicate he lived there single until 194022,23,26,27,28.  He married Bonny Lou Kunkel, daughter of Reinhard H. and Frederika “Recca” (Klick) Kunkel.  She was born on 10 Aug 1927 at Devils Lake.  She grew up in Southam, North Dakota, attending Southam School and graduating from Devils Lake High School in 1945.  After graduating, Bonny began managing her Aunt Lucille’s café, ‘Brown Café’ in Edmore.  She attended a dance in Adams, North Dakota, and this is where she met her beloved Edwin Hoime, and they were united in marriage on 10 Jun 1945 at Southam. They were the proud parents of four children; Dixie Lee, Vicki Lynn, Bryce Wayne, and Lori Dee. They lived in an apartment in Edmore for a year while farming with Edwin’s brothers, Elmer and Melford.  Then they moved to the Burke farm in the fall of 1947, sharing a home with Elmer and his wife, Ida.  In 1948 they rented a farm near Inkster North Dakota, for 3 farm seasons.  When the farm was sold, they moved to the Thompson farm southwest of Edmore.  They had developed a herd of cattle in Inkster that continued to grow, and again they joined forces with Elmer and Ida.  In 1957 Edwin and Bonny bought land 2 miles west of Edmore and moved the family to the Henry Homme Farm.  They purchased more land from the Thompson Brothers in 1968.  After retiring, they moved to Devils Lake.  Edwin died on 3 Oct 1990 and was buried at Edmore Cemetery in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota14.  Bonny Lou died on 3 Dec 2014 and is buried next to Edwin at the Edmore Cemetery.  Her obituary states, “Bonny Lou is survived by her children Dixie (Larry) McGillis of Portland, North Dakota; Vicki (Donald) Logan of Devils Lake; Bryce (Kristy) Hoime of Edmore; and Lori (Kerwin) Pankratz of Grand Forks, North Dakota; grandchildren Shelley (Joe) Kotaska of East Grand Forks, Minnesota; Corey (Tracy) McGillis of Mayville, Tiffany (Shane) Sipma of Woodbury, Minnesota; Chad (Amber) Perdue of Wahpeton, North Dakota; Travis Perdue of Fargo, North Dakota; Kelsey (Jacob) Shepley and Evan Pankratz, both of Grand Forks; Brandon (Leah) Hoime of Devils Lake, and Katie Hoime of Grand Forks; great grandchildren Madison Kotaska, Reagan, Walker and Sawyer McGillis and Ava Hoime; brother Dr. Richard Kunkel of Devils Lake; Laurence’s children Robert (Kathy) Dykhoff of Eagan, Minnesota; Richard (Linea) Dykhoff of Blain, Minnesota; Leslie (Bill) Mowbray, William “Bill” (Maria) Dykhoff, and Tracy (Jim Krause) Miller, all of Minot; and Joni (Jeff) Domino of Auburn, Nebraska; several nieces nephews and their families14.

Norman Neil Hoime was born on 24 Mar 1917 in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota.  He died on 15 Apr 1918 and was buried at Edmore Cemetery in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota14.

Goodwin Norman Hoime was born 7 Jan 1920 in Overland Twp, Ramsey, North Dakota21.  He was baptized on 18 Apr 1920 at Concordia Lutheran Church in Starkweather, Ramsey, North Dakota21. He was raised on the family farm in Overland Twp. The 1940 census shows him single at age 20 living as a hired man for the Edmund H. and Nellie Burke family.  In 1957 he lived in Kelso, Washington and was married to a gal named “Marie.”  He eventually moved to the Longview/Kelso area in Washington State for a time18.  From 1983-1992 he resided in Longview, Cowlitz, Washington, which was reported as his last residence at his death on 28 Nov 199825.

Herman Neil Hoime was born on 19 Jul 1921 in Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota14.  He was raised on the family farm, and the 1940 Census shows him age 19 working as a farm laborer on the family farm.  His last residence was Edmore when he died on 24 Feb 1993 in North Dakota and was buried at Edmore Cemetery in Edmo 19re, Ramsey, North Dakota14,25.

Mildred Genieva Hoime was born 19 Sep 1923 In Edmore, Ramsey, North Dakota14.  She was baptized on 21 Oct 1923 and was confirmed in 1939 at Concordia Lutheran Church in Starkweather, Ramsey, North Dakota21.  She married Robert Jay Bergstrom on 19 Sep 19453. They had one son, Michael Bergstrom, who died about 19793. Mildred married a second time to Mervin Aaron Schoenberger on 31 Mar 1981 in Clark County, Nevada29.  Mervin died on 30 Jun 1982 in Los Angeles, California, and Mildred died on 16 Oct 2007 in Newhall, Los Angeles, California3.


Martin Lahd

Martin Lahd was born 4 Jul 1887 in Park River, Walsh, North Dakota14.  He was confirmed on 15 Nov 1902 at Park Center Lutheran Church in rural Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota9.  Martin immigrated to Alberta, Canada in 1905 and settled there in Medicine Hat16.  In 1916 he was living as a lodger with the Wilson Family.  Martin died on 18 Oct 1959 in Queenstown, Alberta, Canada, and was buried at Hope Lutheran Cemetery in Milo, Alberta, Canada14.


Caroline “Lena” (Lahd) Hollom

Caroline “Lena” (Lahd) Hollom was born on 25 Apr 1889 in Park River, Walsh, North Dakota.  She was confirmed at the Park Center Lutheran Church in rural Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota, on 1 Mar 19049.  She married Charles Oscar Hollom on 27 Apr 1910 at Park Center Lutheran Church as well9.  Charles and Caroline moved to Anoka, Minnesota, where Charles worked as a wallpaper hanger.  Charles and Caroline had 5 children while living in Anoka: James C. Hollom, Myrtle Serene Hollom, Orin Melford Hollom, Viola C. Hollom, and Benny W. Hollom, all born in Minnesota.

Son James C. Hollom, born 26 Oct 191014, married Fern G. Fossum. They lived in Minneapolis, where James worked as a salesman18. James died 4 Jan 2001 and is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery in Anoka14.  Daughter Myrtle Serene Hollom, born 6 Sep 191230, married Oscar Sell. They lived in St. Paul Minnesota in 1959. Myrtle died on 9 Apr 1997 in Coon Rapids, Minnesota14.  Son Orin Melford Hollom, born 4 Jun 191914, appears never to have been married. He died 12 Mar 1988 in Minnesota and is buried at Itasca Calvary Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Minnesota14.   Daughter, Viola C. Hollom, born 30 Dec 192114, died on 8 Jul 1967 and is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery14.  Son, Benny W. Hollom, born 3 Dec 192514, died on 31 Dec 2001 and is also buried at Forest Hill Cemetery14.  Father, Charles Oscar Hollom died in October of 1966 in Anoka14, and mother Caroline (Lahd) Hollom died on 21 Jan 1979 in Sherburn County, Minnesota.  She is also buried at Forest Hill Cemetery in Anoka14.


George Lahd

George Lahd was born 12 Sep 1891 in Park River, Walsh, North Dakota. He was baptized on 11 Dec 1891, and confirmed on 10 Nov 1907 at the Park Center Lutheran Church in rural Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota9.  He continued to live with his brother Christian, working as a laborer on the family farm at least until 1930, but he does not show up with the family on the 1940 Census. George Lahd died on 12 Dec 1963 in Walsh County. It is unclear where he is buried, as he has two headstones: one in the Grafton State Cemetery (a cemetery for residents of the North Dakota School for the Feeble-minded), and one at Park Center Lutheran Cemetery in rural Hoople, North Dakota, in the Lahd family plot14.


Christian “Christ” Lahd

Christian “Christ” Lahd was born 6 Apr 189313. This date is verified on his WWII Draft registration card, which was filled out by Christian himself.  However, six census records average the year of his birth based on his age at approximately 1894, and an article from “Walsh Heritage” says he was born on 6 Apr 1895, so there seems to be some debate. A baptismal record from Park Center Lutheran Church records a birth to John and Martha Lad on 14 May 1893, with a baptism on 18 Jun 1893.  Family lore states that there was a child born who died as an infant who was possibly named “Christian” as well, so this may reflect a mix up in birth dates of the 2 children.  Christian remained on the homestead and continued farming with his father.

In 1916 Christian married Gunelle Odegard, daughter of Ole Odegard of Telemark, Norway, who was working for his father. They had seven children; Thelma, Vernon, Naomi, Mabel, Charles, Doris and Rhoda. Christian lived on the homestead farm in Kensington Township near Park River, Walsh, North Dakota, until his death on 28 Apr 1946 at the age of 515. He was buried at Park Center Lutheran Cemetery in rural Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota5.  His wife and children were left the farm. They were members of the Park Center Lutheran Church10.

Thelma Marie (Lahd) Orstad was born 25 May 1918 in Park River, Walsh, North Dakota9,45-47.  She was baptized 7 Jul 1918, and was confirmed on 23 Oct 1932 at Park Center Lutheran Church in rural Hoople, North Dakota9.  She married Myles Harvey Orstad, son of Melvin C and Hattie O. Orstad, born abt 1917 in North Dakota.  They were married about 1937, and their first son, Dennis Orstad, was born about 1938 in North Dakota. Husband, Myles Orstad died in 1971 and is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery, Seattle, King, Washington.  Thelma died 5 Jul 200714,25.

Vernon Jewel Lahd was born on 22 Oct 1920 in Walsh County, North Dakota5,9,14. He was baptized on 20 Jan 1921 at Park Center Lutheran Church in Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota9.  He lived with his family in Kensington Township, Walsh, North Dakota until his death on 15 Jan 1926 at the age of 514,45.  He was buried in Park Center Lutheran Cemetery in Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota9.

Little is known about Mabel Lahd other than she was born and died in 1919 in Park River, Walsh, North Dakota. Unable to find burial information.

Naomi Florance (Lahd) Coleman was born on 8 Jul 1925 in Park River, Walsh, North Dakota9,37. She was baptized on 9 Aug 1925 at Park Center Lutheran Church in Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota9.  She lived at home with her parents in Kensington Township on the 1930 and 1940 census records.  Naomi married Roger Thomas Coleman on 15 May 1954 in Spokane, Washington.  Roger T. Coleman was born 4 Oct 1930 in Potwin, Butler, Kansas. They had children though the names are unknown at present. Roger died 15 Nov 2000 and Naomi died seven months later on 16 Jun 2001 in Kirkland, King, Washington. They are buried side-by-side at Tahoma National Cemetery in Seattle, Kent, Washington14,37.

Charles Melvin Lahd was born 18 Mar 1927 in Park River, Walsh, North Dakota9,37. He was baptized on 19 Apr 1927 at Park Center Lutheran Church in Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota9. He was still living with the family in Kensington Township in 1940, according to the US Census47,49. He died in Rock Island, Douglas, Washington on 28 Jul 199237.

Doris Jean (Lahd) Thomas King was born 15 Dec 1930 in Park River, Walsh, North Dakota9,37. She was raised in Kensington Township49. She married John P. Thomas on 26 Jun 1954 in Kootenai County, Idaho51.  She remarried on 10 Nov 1961 to James Henry King in Seattle, King, Washington52, born 15 Aug 193725. She died on 10 Nov 2006 in Seattle, Washington25,37.

Rhoda Mae (Lahd) Mead was born on 18 May 193450 at home in Kensington Township, Walsh, North Dakota. She was baptized on 30 Aug 1934 at Park Center Lutheran Church near Hoople, Walsh, North Dakota9. She married Laurence Leroy Mead, born 10 May 1933 in Minnesota50. They resided in Champlin, Hennepin, Minnesota. Their children include Christine Janell Mead, Kimula Ann Mead, and Mary Lou Mead, all born in Hennepin County, Minnesota50. Her husband, Laurence, died on 13 Feb 2014 and is buried in Champlin Cemetery in Champlin, Hennepin, Minnesota14.  Rhoda’s name is on the marker next to his name14.


Joseph Lahd

Joseph Lahd was born 3 Oct 1897, in Park River, Walsh, North Dakota9.  He was baptized on 9 Dec 1897 and confirmed on 24 Nov 1912 at Park Center Lutheran Church in rural Hoople, North Dakota9.  Joseph was raised on the family farm in Kensington Twp, Walsh County.  His draft registration card filled out in Kenyon, Minnesota, in 1918 shows his residence as RFD Park River, Walsh, North Dakota, but his employment as a farm laborer at RFD 4, Kenyon, Goodhue, Minnesota, with hi nearest relative his father in Park River. Joseph married Ellen I. Lahd abt 1921, and they settled in Anoka, Minnesota31.  Joseph died on 4 Aug 1956 in Hennepin County, Minnesota, and was buried at Forest Hill Cemetery in Anoka, Minnesota14.



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