Walsh County, North Dakota



“Walsh Heritage” Vol 2, pg 741-742

     A number of the pioneers immigrating from eastern Canada and Eastern United States of Scotch and Irish descent came to the Conway area and were of the Protestant faith. They wished to have a church where they could worship.

     In the early 1890’s they organized a congregation and set about to build a church in Conway. James Henry, living south of Fordville, was secured to build the church with the help of the members. Little is remembered about the church, since there were no records saved and nearly all members of that time have died. Some of the members and families were:

William Maxwell

John Skidmore

Charles Cory

Fred Getchman

Hans Sutherland

James Henry

John Vernons

Andrew Close

Frank Westoner

Charles Van Arsdale

Pauline Chernery

Emma and Jim Finley

Mrs. Sisson

Mrs. Carrie Halvorson

Anna Marsh

Conrad, Jack and Martin Bjerke

and later, Mr. and Mrs. L.F. Cawley, were members.


     Pastors or ministers that can be remembered are two students, Samuel Mayne from Ireland, who interned one summer, and Mr. Woolet.  Rev. Robert Rhinehart, Forest River, and later Rev. Farber Robertson, Inkster, served the Conway Church.

     A Sunday School was started. Mrs. Van Arsdale and Mary Maxwell Finley were two of the teachers. Mrs. Van Arsdale was church organist. Mary Finley also played at various times.

     Later, as families moved away or died, the church had to close its doors. In 1929, it was torn down by the man who built it, James Henry. He and his sons took the lumber and built a house on the farm one-half mile west of Fordville, near the now Oak Grove Cemetery. This house was for Robert Henry who married Ethel Bayne, Forest River. It was their home until Robert died.

     Submitted by Gladys Huseby.

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