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WCHS Quarterly Meeting Minutes, September 27, 2015

Walsh County Historical Society

Quarterly Meeting, Sunday September 27, 2015, at Heritage Village

President Jon McMillan opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  The previous meeting’s minutes were accepted by Joe Koehmstedt, seconded by Ken Hoffman, motion carried.  The Treasurer’s Report was given by Joe Koehmstedt.  Jean Bodmer motioned to accept the report, seconded by Dennis Markusen, motion carried.

WALSH COUNTY HISTORICAL MUSEUM REPORT:  The Minto Museum Report was given by Ken Hoffman.  He mentioned that they have been able to stay open longer in the season with the nice weather.  He believes attendance is up compared to prior summers, and the Farmer’s Market was very successful on Tuesdays, with money generated from the Merry-Go-Round rides.  He hopes to make this an annual event.  Looking at other events at Heritage Village, he mentioned the Craft Show over Summerfest went very well.  They will be having a benefit for Gloris Larson on October 4, and they hope to remain open through the end of October.  A new edition to Heritage Village main building is the Ora Marie Stewart’s doll collection.  It was also stated by many that it would be nice to get more showcases for the main building.  Joe Koehmstedt motioned to accept the report, seconded by Dennis Markusen. Motion carried.

HERITAGE VILLAGE REPORT:  None at this time.

OLD BUSINESS:  No old business was reported.


  1.  Dennis Markusen proposed connecting with KXPO radio and maybe having an Uncle Sig rebroadcast to hopefully get the Society more notoriety.  Dennis stated he would check on copyright details and with KXPO about having it take place.  Jean Bodmer proposed a day at Heritage Village that may be in conjunction with it, possibly a craft day.  Many hoped it would take place on a Sunday afternoon.
  2. President Jon McMillan proposed having a speaker at the next meeting.  Some suggestions that came up were Kim Porter, who speaks on steamboating on the Red River, Gordon Eisenmager and Douglas Munski, a geography professor at UND.  A question about how they should be compensated came up, with a possible look about it being directed to the Humanities Council.
  3. It was proposed that the Society develop a Facebook page to encourage more membership.  Jon Koehmstedt stated he would be willing to develop and maintain the account.  It was motioned by Jean Bodmer to move forward with this, seconded by Ken Hoffman, motion approved.
  4. The Nominating Committee will consist of Joe Koehmstadt, Ginny Brazil, and Dennis Markusen.
  5. The next meeting will be the annual meeting on January 31, 2016 at 2 pm, hopefully at the Minto Community Center (if it is available).  If not, we will look at the Carnegie Regional Library in Grafton.

Meeting adjourned.

by Jon Koehmstedt, Secretary

Walsh County Historical Society


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