Walsh County, North Dakota

WCHS Annual Meeting, January 28, 2012

Walsh County Historical Society Annual Meeting

January 28, 2012, Walsh County Courthouse, Farmer’s Room, Grafton, North Dakota

Members Present: John Gudajtes (Minto), Doub Ulland (Minto), Chris Misialek (Minto), Les Jallo (Minto), Jared Peterson (Forest River), Vernon Russum (Grafton), Harold Blanchard (Grafton), Carol Spale (Grafton), Jean Bodmer (Grafton), Mary Kovarik (Park River), Terry Burns (Grafton), Charles Steward (Grafton), Doug Weberg (Grafton), Rae Desautel (Grafton), Dennis Markusen (Grafton), and Ken Hoffmann (Grafton).

A meeting of the Walsh County Historical Society was held Saturday, January 28, 2012, at the Farmer’s Room in the lower level of the Walsh County Courthouse in Grafton, North Dakota, with President Dennis Markusen presiding.

The meeting was called to order by President Markusen with 16 members present.

President Markusen asked for the Financial Report for the Walsh County Historical Museum, which was given by Les Jallo. The Walsh County Heritage Village Financial Report was given by Harold Blanchard.

Marion Hajicek gave the Treasurer’s report to include the Tribute to Uncle Sig report of expenditures for the August 14, 2011, celebration held at Heritage Village. Marion had a question concerning the $369.75 from Uncle Sigs Day as to where to put the amount? Chris made a motion to put it in the account for promotions. Vern Russum seconded the motion. The Treasurer’s Report was approved and seconded.

The Secretary’s Report was given by Ken Hoffmann, as the Tribute to Uncle Sig took the place of our 2011 County Tour for the Walsh County Historical Society. The report was on the successful celebration of Uncle Sig’s Day at Heritage Village.

Heritage Village update was given by Harold, stating that because of the expenses during the winter that Heritage Village will be closed, opening when the weather permits, hopefully in May. The Village plans to be open Sundays starting Memorial Day through Labor Day, with the merry-g-round running on Sundays. We will continue with the school tours as well as any other tours set up. We are open by appointment, and the theater building is available for rent for graduations, wedding receptions, or any other events. Heritage Village is in need of 4 board members. Call us!!

Les Jallo gave the Minto Museum update, stating that Wally Ebertowski is now co-curator of the museum appointed in 2011. The Museum will be open for tours starting Memorial Day through September, with Museum Alive and other tours coming up this summer. As soon as it warms up, cleaning will take place at the museum for the tours. A comment was made that we all should be in the North Dakota Tourism Book. Chris said we had tried this before and it was unsuccessful. This is something we should pursue again. Many were in favor and thank this is a good idea.

President Dennis (Markusen) thanked all who were involved in the Tribute to Uncle Sig Celebration and the tremendous success it turned out to be. A lot of hard work by all the volunteers as well as members. “THANK YOU!!”

Membership Report was given by Jean Bodmer. At the present time we have 75 paid memberships, 17 members at $5, 1 new life membership at $100, and four $50 memberships. Jean is in the process of updating the membership list, how many members versus active memberships there are? The new website with our application on there will certainly help.

Mary Kovarik is the new webmaster for the Historical Society website, walshhistory.org. Mary had a slide presentation on the new website. It looks great and has great potential. Mary hopes to have the site firmed up by April 28, 2011. A Publicity Committee was set up, with Mary Kovarik, Rae Desautel, and Jared Peterka on the committee. Dennis will contact the County Commissioners on our new website for them to use.

President Dennis said that the County Commissioners have made a decision to approve a donation of $5,000 to the Historical Society through the efforts of Dennis and other board members that attended the June 21, 2011, Commission Meeting, asking for a mill levy increase. Instead, they approved a donation with a stipulation that the money be used for a certain project and not for general repairs and maintenance. We had a discussion on different projects for the use of the donation; however, nothing was decided and will have further discussion at the upcoming meetings.

The next item on the agenda is the Nominating Committee Report and elections. The Committee consists of Jean Bodmer, Les Jallo, and Chris Misialek. Chris stated that all of the members who were up for election have decided to remain in their office for another term, with the exception of the Treasurer’s office. Marion has decided to retire. THANKS, MARION, FOR ALL THE YEARS OF SERVICE!!! June Selseth is nominated for the Treasurer’s office. Chris called for the unanimous ballot, with second by John Gudajtes. The motion passed, and all were elected.

A few other Walsh County Historical Society updates were, Dennis had contacted Sue Kirkeby concerning the Digital Message Board at Heritage Village planned for this upcoming summer. Sue is looking for four sponsors for the message board to finance it. Hopefully more to come. Dennis also said it may be possible for the Society to appropriate funds for both heritage Village and the Minto Museum for projects.

President Markusen adjourned the meeting. Dennis provided lunch for after the meeting as well as a cake for Marion’s service to the Society.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ken Hoffman

Approved and seconded April 28, 2012

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